Vancouver Avian Research Centre

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Who We Are
The Vancouver Avian Research Centre is a volunteer organization dedicated to avian research education and conservation operated entirely by volunteers lead by Master Bander and Bander-in-charge Derek Matthews.

What We Do
  • Conduct long-term avian research
  • Collect data
  • Contribute to habitat conservation efforts
  • Provide research and volunteer opportunities
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Provide education through demonstrations and visitor services
  • Host Bird Monitoring and Banding and Bird Identification Workshops

More information on our avian research and banding operations can be found by clicking here: Avian Research and Banding

Educational Workshops

The Centre offers workshops, birding resources, and other special presentations for members of the public to explore and learn more about the birds and habitats of the Vancouver Area.


The earth’s biosphere and its biodiversity are facing a growing number of severe environmental threats, many of which are truly global in both nature and scope – one set of threats is climatic change and another is accelerating habitat loss and degradation. Human activity is destroying the places that plants, animals and birds need to survive and migratory birds are facing the most precipitous decline of any animal group on earth.
Our mission is to raise awareness of these issues and to encourage people to be conscientious consumers and to get involved with Citizen-Science projects to help make a difference.

Where We Work

Our main field station is located in Colony Farm Regional Park

For more information on visiting please click here visit


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